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Our Story

Our Mission

The Gluten Free Meal Co. is Australia's dedicated, Coeliac Australia-endorsed home delivery service that fulfils the dream of enjoying a delicious choice of restaurant-quality gluten free meals.

Our Story

Family, foodies, and a quest to fulfil a dream

For more than 20 years, the Gohil family behind The Gluten Free Meal Co. has been the pioneering force in bringing authentic, restaurant-quality meals and foods to Australia's supermarkets and food retailers. 

As foodies with a love of adventure, the Gohils spent decades travelling the world and lived in Kenya, the Netherlands, Germany, India and the U.K. before settling in Australia in the 1990s. Herbs, spices, flavour infusions and an obsession with nourishing food became ingrained in their family culture, so it's no surprise they grew their passion to become one of Australia's leading producers of world-class prepared meals.

Grandma leads the movement

It was Grandma Sarla who sowed the seeds for The Gluten Free Meal Co. after watching a niece denied the joy of sharing family food due to her restricted diet.  Grandma Sarla believed the gluten free community deserved to have the same choice, quality and consistency of food as everyone else, and the Gluten Free Meal Co. was born.

Imprinting meals with knowledge and passion

Using decades of food production experience, the Gohils set about reworking their highly accoladed honest-to-goodness, home-style recipes to make them certified gluten free without compromise. 

Today, The Gluten Free Meal Co. fulfils the dream of having a fantastic variety of gluten free meals, finger foods and desserts home delivered to your door for everyone to enjoy. The Gohil family is honoured to have the endorsement of Coeliac Australia, a testament to their dedication in ensuring they imprint each delivered meal with trusted gluten free knowledge and their passion for delicious food.