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Top Tips for Recovering after being Glutened

No matter how careful you are, from time to time the risk of being glutened exists. When you eat out at restaurants, visit friends or try something new, on occasion, your food may be at the risk of coming into contact with gluten. 

Here at The Gluten Free Meal Co HQ we have incredibly stringent processes and quality control to ensure our food is 100% safely gluten free. We understand what it takes to ensure that your food is at no risk and we value the endorsement from Coeliac Australia that recognises this. 

However, our quality control processes are not always possible with every meal and snack you come into contact with. 

So despite doing everything you can, the risk of being glutened always exists. While there is no magic pill you can take to rid yourself of being glutened (we wish!!), there are ways to help ease the physical and mental toll gluten can take on our bodies. 

We’ve put together our Top Tips for recovering after you’ve been glutened: 


Keeping your body hydrated should be a number one priority after you’ve been glutened. Hydration is essential to your recovery and helps to flush any gluten out of your system. Water is always the obvious choice, but you can also try ginger ale, coconut water or a hot tea. A herbal tea like chamomile, ginger or mint will also help to sooth your tummy pains. 


A gluten attack is a trauma to your body. Take time out to rest and sleep to give your body the strength it needs to recover. 


You might not feel like eating straight away, but when you start to feel small improvements, nourish your body with the food it craves. Start with liquids, and slowly reintroduce simple foods like soups, fruit and vegetables, gluten free bread toasted or gluten free crackers. Stay away from dairy and anything listen to your body. 

Have a bath

Run a warm bath with some Epsom salts. Epsom salts contain magnesium, a mineral that can help relax your body and relieve muscle aches and pains. They will also help to stimulate your lymphatic system and support your immune system. 

Talk to your Pharmacist or Doctor

Talk to your health professional about what is currently on the market, over the counter and suitable for you. Digestive enzymes and Charcoal pills have both been said to help with the symptoms of being glutened. You can also of course look at over the counter pain relief to help with the aches and pains post a gluten attack. 

Get Moving

One or two days later, you should hopefully be starting to feel a bit better. When you feel able, we recommend slowly reintroducing gentle exercise to your daily routine. Exercise will release endorphins and decrease your anxiety. Gentle movement in the intestines may also help to clear any toxins. 

If you are ever in doubt of a food or product, or in the way in which it was prepared, we recommend giving it a miss. However, should you be unlucky enough to feel the full effects of gluten, we hope some of our tips help the healing.

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