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The Importance of Quality Control

Here at The Gluten Free Meal Co we are very serious about the quality of our meals. Not least of which is because we are the only gluten free home delivery service to be endorsed by Coeliac Australia. This is not some badge in name only. Coeliac Australia have very stringent processes that you must adhere to strictly to retain their seal of approval. We thought you might like to understand a little more about this to assure you of the safety and quality of our meals.

 As a member of the Coeliac Australia Endorsement Program we must adhere to their following conditions:

  • Gluten Free – the product must be tested to have no detectable gluten as per the FSANZ guidelines for gluten free.
  • Subject to laboratory testing every 12 months, and random annual audit testing.
  • Independently approved.
  • Supporting those following a gluten free diet.

We also have our own very strict QA Process including,

  • When scheduling production, only products that do not contain gluten can be manufactured at the same time.
  • In-house gluten testing prior to any production begins
  • We swab key equipment for any presence of gluten. If it fails the equipment is re-cleaned and re-sanitised along with repeat testing.
  • All manufactured products are sent for external testing by a NATA credited laboratory.
  • We do not release any product until these results are provided by the laboratory.

As you can see, you can rest assured our products comply with the Australian Food Standard Codes requirements for ‘gluten free’ (i.e. they contain ‘no detectable gluten’ using the most sensitive test for gluten currently commercially available).

We care about the safety and quality of our meals and want you to feel safe to.

Feel free to direct any questions you may have to our head office, who will make sure your query is answered by a professional in our Quality Control Department.

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