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10 Reasons to LOVE Being Gluten Free

This May, we are all about celebrating and loving being gluten free!!

Whether it is for health, wellbeing or lifestyle choice, there are so many great reasons to love living a gluten free life. We polled the team here at The Gluten Free Meal Co. and here are the most common and celebrated reasons we came up with (but feel free to share more with us on our social media channels).

  1. 1. We appreciate great tasting food. When transitioning to a gluten free diet, we may have to explore new food and ingredients that are out there until we find foods to suit our taste buds and replace the tasty food we once loved. The great news is - now there are so many amazing foods out there that are gluten free. It also means that when we find something we love - we can truly appreciate it and not take for it for granted.

  2. 2. You feel great again. Before we get the diagnosis of having coeliac disease or being gluten sensitive, we can feel so sick, run down and just generally not great - and not know how to fix it. The great news is, once we are truly gluten free and completely cut gluten from our life, we can start to heal and yes, you will feel great again!!

  3. 3. We get to choose the restaurant when heading out with friends or family :) No more arguments on the local Italian or Thai with family. We get to choose as we know the restaurants which are safe for us to eat at! Yay!

  4. 4. Gluten Free is now considered trendy!! While this can be an annoying perception at times, the fact that eating gluten free is trendy has meant that many more foods and restaurants and general gluten free options are available to us. So we’re excited to say we are officially ‘trendy’ (even if it is out of necessity for our general health and wellbeing!)

  5. 5. You’re in good company. Coeliac Australia states that Coeliac disease affects on average approximately 1 in 70 Australians. This large number of people suffering from  coeliac disease means that the disease is now much more widely known about and taken seriously.

  6. 6. You’re in control of what you eat. Eating a gluten free diet means you have to take control, have a lot of discipline and respect your gut. You are in control. You can choose to eat more healthily and curb any bad habits.

  7. 7. You’ve got more energy. Suffering from chronic fatigue is one of the most common complaints of people suffering from a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease. Once we eliminate gluten from our diet, we start to feel our energy levels picking up and have more get up and go!!

  8. 8. Fabulous Skin - A really common side effect of consuming gluten in people with coeliac disease is skin rashes, psoriasis, and eczema. Once gluten is cut out of the diet, you will notice clearer skin that no longer gets itchy or becomes discolored when you eat certain foods!

  9. 9. Better Immunity - When there is chaos in the small intestine, the overall immune system can weaken and lead to chronic disease, so getting rid of the gluten is great for our overall health and immunity.

  10. 10. There is no excuse not to eat The Gluten Free Meal Co meals!! Yes! You will never have to justify your need for having a freezer full of our delicious ready-made meals. Everybody needs a night off from cooking now and then and when your freezer has plenty of delicious, gluten free options to try - you will feel safe knowing there’s always something tasty at hand.

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  • I wish you delivered as far as Gladstone Qld so we could benefit from your GF meals.

    Jennifer Roebuck

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